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Orchestrate your social media screens

While it's fairly easy to run your social wall on a TV screen or video projector (hook up your laptop, open in your favorite browser – done!), professional digital signage solutions offer a whole new level of flexibility! Digital signage solutions offer an easy way to mix different sources of content, define sequences and remote control your displays.

Most digital signage solutions come in two parts, both hard- and software:

  • A small, affordable device (f.e. Amazon Fire TV Stick or Chrome OS-based devices like the Chromecast) that is WiFi-connected, plugs straight into your display and runs the wall – no laptop or PC required.
  • A content management system (CMS) that allows you to control exactly what content is displayed. Many digital signage solutions will allow you to program loops or switch between and other, pre-produced images or video.

While many digital signage solutions support's widget out of the box, we've partnered with our favorite vendors to make sure we provide an experience as smooth as possible! All plans (even our free plan!) will work perfectly on these selected services:

Official digital signage partners

Digital Signage Solutions

truDigital Signage is the leading provider for digital signage networks around the world. Companies large and small rely on truDigital to inform, entertain and bring value to their audiences. Advanced cloud-based technology, strategic partnerships, awesome content and responsive staff provides customers with the highest level of service in the industry.

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Cloud driven digital signage

Mix your social wall with other types of content – photo slideshows, fullscreen videos, maps and more. sklera is a browser-based solution that brings your content to TV screens within minutes! sklera supports modern TV displays by Samsung, LG & NEC, Amazon Fire TV- and Chrome OS-based devices.

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Integrate your Digital Signage Solution with

A social wall is a great way to take the fantastic content your community is creating and truly let it shine on a real life display – at your point of sale, tradeshow booth or at your office. With you can collect posts from multiple social platforms, curate the content, and easily display it on an LCD TV or video projector.


Fetch social media posts from dozens of platforms using hashtags, keywords and profiles.


Choose which content to show on your display with powerful yet easy-to-use moderation tools.

Quick Setup

Add the widget to your digital signage solutions' content management system.


Use the style editor or use the more advanced CSS options to make your social wall look exactly like you want it.


Create lasting social media displays without breaking your budget – our Free plan works with our partner's solutions.


Display your social wall anywhere and on any device.

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Digital Signage Showcase:
Zotter Drinking Chocolate Bar

There are plenty of reasons for setting up a social media display at your point of sale, tradeshow booth or office. Learn how chocolate manufacturer Zotter uses to make earned social media content more visible for both visitors and employees.

How to Set up Your Own Social Wall

Choose your hashtag

Come up with a unique hashtag for your event or company. It should be easy to understand and remember. Do some research to make sure no one else is using it. Figure out which channels you should be posting on. Find out how to pick the perfect hashtag on our blog .

Set up your account

Pick the plan that works best for you and set up your account. Set up your channels, hashtags and keywords in the backend. Start an account now.

Prepare your social wall

With you can prepare your social wall ahead of time. Pick a theme and use the handy style editor or CSS to tweak the look of your wall. In the moderation settings, set up your blacklist and whitelist.

Start promoting early

You should include your hashtag in all your promotion, both online and offline. Everyone interested in your event should know and use the hashtag. People using the hashtag before your event can create buzz. Read more about promoting your hashtag on our blog.

Embed your social wall

Let your audience know about your social wall before the event starts. We recommend embedding the widget on your website as soon as you start promoting your event. You can display the widget wherever you see fit — on a microsite or even on your front page.

Enjoy your event

At your venue, all you have to do is connect the screens or set up the projector to display your social wall. You can keep an eye on content during the event by moderating posts from your own devices. Split the shifts with teammates so everyone gets to enjoy the event.

If you need any help setting up a social wall for your event, contact our support team.

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