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Why Your Brand Needs a Social Hub

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A social media hub on your website is a great way to present the social content you put so much work into. Whether your brand is present on multiple social media channels or just using one network — the embedded social wall on your website will make your social content stand out.

Your own social content adds a current element to your website. It keeps your website fresh, shows that you’re active online and interacting with your customers and fans. Your social hub can also be used elsewhere, at events you sponsor or on physical displays at points of sale. Your social content can help increase awareness for your brand.

  • Create a social media hub that seamlessly integrates with your website
  • Keep your website fresh with social content
  • Increase brand awareness at events and points of sale

Brand Hubs with lets you collect social content from multiple sources and display it on a social hub on your website.


Aggregate your social content from dozens of platforms and show off all your content in one place.

Easy Embedding

Embed your brand’s social content on your website with our easy-to-use widget.

Choice of Widgets

Choose whatever works for your website setup: iframe or JavaScript widget, fixed width or responsive layout.


Use the style editor or CSS customisation to make your social hub integrate seamlessly with your website.


Offer your sponsors digital ad space on your social wall with our Sponsored Posts feature.


Reach out to our dedicated support team if you need help creating the perfect social hub.

Check out all the features and see which of our plans fits your brand best.

How to Set up Your Brand’s Social Hub

Set up your account

Check out our Features & Pricing page, pick the plan that works best for your brand and set up your account. If your business grows over time, can grow with you. You can change your plan anytime.

Connect your social media profiles

Decide which of your social media profiles to include on your brand hub. Choose the ones with the best content or include all of your channels. Avoid duplicate content — if you cross-post from Facebook to Google+, only add one of the channels to your social wall.

Style it your way

Style your social wall to integrate it seamlessly with your website design. Swap in your brand colours with our easy-to-use style editor or add some CSS customisation if you’re comfortable using code. Check out our blog for a style editor tutorial and CSS tutorial!

Embed your social hub

Turn your social wall into a fully responsive social hub for your brand. Just embed the widget on your website — you can use iframe or JavaScript embeds. Put your social hub on the front page or on a microsite. Learn how to embed the widget with our tutorial!

Keep it up-to-date

Your social hub keeps your website fresh and up-to-date. It can develop with your brand: if your website gets a makeover, simply adapt the styling of your social wall as well. If you diversify and need several different hubs upgrade your account for more social walls

If you need any help setting up your brand hub, contact our support team.

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