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What is a virtual event social wall

A virtual event social wall is an engagement tool that lets you collect content from hashtags, profiles, and pages and quickly moderate it. You can then embed the custom social feed on your event promotion website, virtual event platform, underneath, or inside the live stream.

Encourage conversation during your event

Grow and engage your social media community

Bring your sponsors in the spotlight

Support for any audience size
Real-time updates
Full moderation & custom branding
Sponsor advertising
Efficient customer support
Easy virtual event platform integration

How to create a virtual event social wall

Collect content from hashtags, profiles, mentions and more

Easily collect content from hashtags, profiles, mentions, keywords, and more. Then, curate your content and embed it in as many places as you like. You can also choose which social media channels you want to pull content from, or you can set up a private social wall and allow attendees to upload their photos and messages directly using Direct Posts.

Choose from different virtual event social wall templates

You can easily customize your wall’s appearance using the Walls.io Style Editor. No tech skills are needed! Change the background, text, and tile border color with just a few clicks. Your social wall will be fully responsive and will always look great.

Make your virtual event more interactive

Create a virtual event social wall to display powerful social content in real-time.

The benefits of using social walls for virtual events

Social media is one of the biggest engagement drivers for virtual events. Displaying social media posts shared by your attendees, speakers, and sponsors on a social wall has multiple benefits.

Let your audience be heard with live Polls

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Enhance your promotional reach

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Create a sense of community

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Engage your audience

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Boost revenue with sponsored posts

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Enhance the setup of your virtual event

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Increase ticket sales for the next event

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It’s super easy to post with Direct Posts + QR code

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eBook: How to Engage Attendees

Book cover of the hashtag marketing guide showing a male and female covering their faces with a hash and share sign

Learn how to engage your attendees

Many events severely lack engagement and interaction. This eBook will show you ways to engage your attendees before, during, and after your events. When used right, these strategies can make your event more lively, more interactive, and more enjoyable.

Why social media is a great for virtual events

Source: Markletic and Bizzabo.

Get started with your virtual event social wall

Make your virtual event more interactive and engaging by displaying social media posts. 

How brands use social walls for virtual events

Bizbash and 6Connex Keep Their Virtual Audience Engaged With a Social Wall at Top 100 Events in the United States and Canada Ceremony

BizBash and 6Connex sat with event producers from some of the most coveted events of 2021 to discuss their top strategies and lessons learned. They embedded a social wall within the lobby, next to the photo booth, to collect and display attendees' selfies and social media content.

iSMG Cybersecurity Summit Keeps Its Global Audience Engaged and Informed With a Social Media Wall

The virtual iSMG Cybersecurity Summit dealt with cybersecurity, information security, fraud, risk and compliance professionals. Since they have a global audience, they had to find ways to entertain big crowds. The virtual event not only enhanced their reach, but also managed to keep their attendees engaged and informed at all times with a social media wall. iSMG embedded a social wall on their event platform, thanks to the ongoing partnership between Walls.io and 6Connex.

Collect attendee content from endless sources

Direct Posts logo

Direct Posts

Allow visitors to upload text and photos directly

Twitter logo


Keywords, hashtags, profiles, collections, lists

Instagram logo


Hashtags, business profiles

Facebook logo


Pages, page mentions, albums

Youtube logo


Keywords, profiles, playlists

TikTok logo



Mastodon Logo


Profiles, hashtags

RSS logo


RSS feeds

Flickr logo



Pinterest logo



Vimeo logo



Reddit logo


Keywords, subreddits

Tumbrl logo


Keywords, blogs

VKontakte logo


Hashtags, profiles

Check out many more content sources.

Hybrid & virtual event platform partners

Walls.io partners with multiple hybrid and virtual event platforms to bring a social element to online and hybrid events. Give attendees the spotlight, encourage live conversations, and raise awareness for your brand with our integrations.

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