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The benefits of using social media for HR and employer branding

Social media is a great way to create a sense of community in a company, connect to new talent and share important information with employees. Displaying these social posts on a social wall has many benefits.

the benefit of using social media for HR and employer branding #1

Engage with employees around the world

Authentic, creative, and transparent social media interactions are the best possible way to promote and strengthen the connection between employees and their workplace. Share those beautiful moments on a social wall, embedded on the intranet so that everyone can enjoy them.

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Enhance internal communications

A social wall is a great place to collect and share important information, news or the menu of the day from the canteen. Your employees have all the important information at their fingertips. Display the social wall in your building’s lobby, the cafeteria, or embed it on your intranet.

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Attract new talent

86% of all job applicants use social media for their job searches, so it makes sense for companies to leverage that by being present on social media. You can even reuse the content you create for social media to show potential applicants how modern and open-minded your company is on a social wall. Mix it up with posts about your company culture or feature different departments to give applicants some insight into the company.

the benefit of using social media for HR and employer branding #4

Turn employees into brand ambassadors

Encourage your employees to use your official hashtag and post about their experience with your company, their daily work life, your products and services. Display this powerful employee-generated content to build trust within and outside your company.

the benefit of using social media for HR and employer branding #5

Make events and conferences interactive

If you’re hosting a conference, company event or represent your company at job fairs, a social wall will help you centre the conversation and foster interaction among attendees and between speakers and audience. 

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Support digital transformation

With flexible hours and remote working, a new era has opened up where collaboration and communication have to adapt and move online. Use a social wall to transform the way you communicate, connect and engage with your employees.

Social media has a big impact on recruiting and employer branding

In recent years, social media has emerged as a strong channel for HR professionals. 86% of all job applicants are using social media for their job searches. But social media use positively influences existing employees as well. 85% of employees said they’re most motivated when management offers regular updates on company news for which social media is a perfect platform. The financial bottom line is affected, as well. Profitability can be increased by 21% if employees are engaged, e.g. by utilising social media. (Sources: Glassdoor, Dynamic Signal’s, Gallup)

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How companies use social walls for employer branding

German insurance company LV 1871 Corporate Employee Social Media Wall showcase. The image of a team working together.

Insurance company leverages corporate influencer social wall

German insurance company LV 1871 has launched an innovative Corporate Influencer Programme. Around 30 employees, who have volunteered as influencers, post on social media using the #TeamLV1871 hashtag, presenting the company to the outside world. Their posts are collected on a social wall.

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Cisco manager holding a talk at the CiscoLeaderDay meeting while social media post pop up on a social media map projected on the wall.

Cisco uses social media to connect employees from 22 locations

Cisco augmented its global leadership event with a social wall, bringing everyone together with the hashtag #CiscoLeaderDay. One of their walls collected all social media posts with the hashtag, while a second wall displayed pre-recorded videos from executives.

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scout24 social media wall for social recruiting

Scout24 Harnesses Social Recruiting to Attract New Talent

A best practice example for a sustainable social media recruiting strategy is Scout24, Germany’s leading online platform for real estate. They reuse social content about the company culture, benefits, open positions, employees, etc. on their website. This gives potential applicants an overview of the company and adds an interactive element to Scout24's careers page.

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Michelle O'Brien
Michelle O’Brien
Public Image Coordinator, Rotary Zone 24W, 2018-2021

Rotary International’s Pacific Northwest PETS, one of the largest in the world for training nearly 800 Rotary leaders, has been effectively using the platform for three years now. This year, we noticed a substantial difference in the time of adoption by our attendees. As soon as we fired the wall up in the ballroom, the posts and photos started pouring in! All of our vendors were so thrilled that they have all signed up already for next year.

Liz Morgan
Liz Morgan
Human Resources Representative, Cisco is now our go-to method for our events that take place on a global scale, specifically Cisco Beat. Cisco Beat is a monthly all-employee (around 70,000 people) call.

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