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What is a social media wall, and why it’s great for internal communications

A social media wall is a tool that enables brands to engage with employees and connect to candidates by combining brand content with genuine content posted by employees on social media or privately on the social media wall. You can use it to share information and present your company values. 

Encourage your employees to post content that creates trust in your company, and utilize this compelling User-Generated Content on your social media wall. A social media wall is also great for boosting engagement at internal company events. Here are a few great ways to use social media for employer branding and internal communications, as well as some inspiring social media recruiting examples from Cisco, BearingPoint and mrands.

How to create a social wall for your brand

Collect hashtag, page, and profile content in a social hub

Aggregate content from hashtags, profiles, and pages and select the posts you want to display. Curate your content and display it on your website, intranet, or on a real-life screen that you have set up at the office. You can also choose which social media channels you want to include on your social wall, or you can set up a private social wall where everyone can upload content directly without posting it on social media.

Choose from different social wall templates

You can easily customize your wall’s appearance using the Style Editor. No tech skills are needed! Change the background, text, and tile border color with just a few clicks. Your social wall will be fully responsive and will always look great.

Real-time updates
Full moderation & custom branding
Easy embed on any website

Keep employees informed, show off your company culture, and run interactive internal events

Get started with a social media wall in minutes to increase employee engagement.

The benefits of using social media for internal communications, employee engagement, and employer branding

Social media is a great way to create a sense of community in a company, connect to new talent and share important information with employees. Displaying these social interactions on a live social wall on office displays, in your intranet or on screens during events has many benefits.

Make internal and public company events interactive

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Engage with employees around the world

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Enhance internal communications

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Attract new talent

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Turn employees into brand ambassadors

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Support digital transformation

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How brands profit from using social media

How brands use social walls internally

Direct Posts Help Cybersec Company Forcepoint Collect Employee-Generated Content

Cybersecurity company Forcepoint used a social media wall with Direct Posts to boost engagement at an internal event. As a nice side-effect, it gave their event an external awareness boost.

Lionel Menchaca
Lionel Menchaca

It was a big wall, probably 12 feet tall. I should have had somebody stand next to it for the photo! And it was pretty cool. We set it up right by the registration area. We also had a booth there where participants could redeem the tickets they received for participating in sessions and exchange them for t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc. So it was a place where we got lots of traffic, and people would walk by and see the wall. And then, of course, that would encourage them to post more pictures.

Hashtag Campaign for Employees by METRO

METRO combined its Own Business Day event with a global hashtag campaign — and not just any global campaign, but a social media campaign with both an internal and an external phase.

Nadiya Lubnina
Nadiya Lubnina

The mechanics of the campaign, bringing in social media and our employee’s individual accounts, were very engaging and, judging by the #ownies posted, our people had fun taking part in the campaign. Social media stimulates creativity and is appealing due to ease of use and accessibility. We had overwhelming reactions from some employees who posted well over 100 #ownies with their accounts. We got over 3,500 #ownie posts and are quite satisfied with the results of the campaign, considering this was our first global hashtag campaign.

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