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How HR Professionals can use social walls

Why is the solution for you

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The Solution

Attract top talent and increase employee retention enhances your brand's authenticity by showcasing employee-generated content enriching recruitment and internal communications.

Create content and keep it up-to-date cross-channel automates content updates from social media to your career sites and internal displays, saving you time and resources.

Publish content on the website without having to wait for other teams enables effortless content management on websites and screens, offering independent operation with a quick 5-minute setup and a user-friendly interface.

Convince employees to engage with your brand’s social media content encourages employee engagement with your brand's social media message, offering built-in features that simplify sharing for all users.

Monitor what your employees say about your brand on social media assists in tracking brand mentions and gathering content shared by employees on social media. Showcase their positive experiences on our careers website.

Make your message accessible to everyone helps bridge communication gaps by centralizing and streamlining information sharing, making content more accessible and engaging.

Use a secure software solution that's GDPR & CCPA compliant is a secure, cookieless social wall platform compliant with GDPR and CCPA, trusted by leading international brands such as Amazon, Google, Cisco, and the UN.

Take your employer brand to the next level

Attract top talent by authentically showing your company culture.

How your brand can use social walls

ProSiebenSat1 Elevates Candidate Experience with Integrated Social Wall

ProSiebenSat1's newsroom social wall, powered by, offers an immersive glimpse into the company's vibrant work culture and daily life by aggregating content from their careers-focused Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok accounts. This perfectly branded integration ensures the social media feed blends seamlessly with the website, enhancing the candidate experience and strengthening the company's employer brand.

How social walls work



Collect brand and user-generated content from social media and other sources. app sources app moderation


Choose the best content using's easy-to-use moderation and curation features.



Choose a layout and apply your branding. Embed the feed on a website, or display it on a screen. social wall in different devices

Let employees tell your brand's story

Collect, curate & display employee-generated content in minutes.

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